Monday, January 29, 2007

With great pleasure I present..


Pattern: Rogue, by the girl from auntie
Cast on 12/24/06, finished 1/28/07, a little over a month, but there were extenuating circumstances, we moved, I knit a sweater etc, etc, etc...
Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist (8.75 oz, 549 yards) I love the way this turned out, I thought the yarn may be a little soft, but cables pop, and the drape is perfect.
Needles: Options #6 and #8
Thoughts: I absolutely enjoyed this knit. While the instructions can be a bit intimidating (19 page downloaded PDF), once you start getting into the charts/cables, it's a quick knit. I will likely knit this again. The only alteration I made was in the length of the body, I knit one less cable repeat than the pattern called for, but then I have a short torso and it worked out perfectly.

I say if you're thinking about knitting Rogue, go for it, if you weren't, go for it.


Madge said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous Rogue!!!

And you broke the WIP superstition, too. Right on. (so, whatcha working on next? hint hint)

jillian said...

I agree! Double gorgeous. And now you live in a plce where you can wear such woolies all the time!

mary said...

Stun.Ning. I've been itching to make a hoodie, but I think it's gonna be a Noro ribbed hooodie made of Big Kureyon. Something big, warm and quick for my early morning soccer mom duties. Rogue looks divine on you.

Sachi said...


mehitabel said...

Fabulous, perfect, absolutely gorgeous! And it fits like a dream, too. Love that fuzzy texture. Now I'm going to have to start soon as I locate a flat spot to set up the swift to wind the yarn, yada yada excuses excuses... I just know mine won't look that good!

Annette said...

It's beautiful! And it looks great on you. I love the color and I love the pattern. After making two baby hoodies, I think it's time to make one for myself. :) Maybe I'll find perfect yarn at Stitches.

It really is beautiful.