Saturday, August 26, 2006

FO's from my trip to Seattle

Yes I'm back from Seattle and now have a real connection to the internet. Granted I've been back for a few days now, but it's just occuring to me that I haven't posted at all since I got back.

The Manos that DH bought me on our Anniversary trip, or was it my B-day trip, either way, I finally plowed my way through the Marigold, which was a chore in itself, since it's not a color that I was fond of, but it did turn out rather nice with the green, if not a bit 70's'ish.

Here's Thelma trying out the bed before I could get it felted.

Here's Thelma after the felting. Louise wouldn't touch the bed pre-felted, but then it took me a couple days to get her to "allow" Thelma to jump in so i could take a pic comparing the bed with the same cat in it. I think this one is definately Louise's bed. Thelma is scared to go near it when Louise has decided to use it. I have a feeling there was a little bit of Louise exerting her Alpha feline position over this bed.

For my cousin, I knit up these beaded cuffs, they were a very quick knit even on size 0 needles and fun to do, despite the stringing of the beads. She loved them :) Happy B-day dear cousin.

Mom went with me to Hill Top Yarns East and oohh'd and ahhh'd over the choker sample, so of course I had to go back to Hill Top Yarns (the Queen Anne store is closer to where I was staying) and buy the yarn and knit this choker and bracelet for her without her knowing, not an easy feat since I was staying at their house, but I got it done behind her back and she loved the set. I did get a nice surprise, because the yarn was 50% off when I went back to pick it up at the Queen Anne store.

And last but not least, the first FO, yes these are listed backwards, Jay Walker socks from Mag Knits Sept '05 issue. When I found this sock yarn in my stash, I couldn't remember buying it or why I would buy these particular colors, they are not my normal color combination choice. But when I was knitting them, I figured out they would be perfect for my mother, and I was right. I cast them off, she tried them on and despite the fact it was 75 degrees in Seattle at the time, she proceeded to find shoes she could wear with them and went out wearing wool socks. I do believe she likes them.... a lot.

That's about it for the FO's from Seattle.

I did put up a new yarn buying ticker, but it's been reseet after 10 days, since I found the perfect yarn to go with the alpaca that came back from Peru with mom. I did pay for it, but it's on order and will be shipped as soon as it comes in, so no pics of that yet. Since I did pay for it in full today, my yarn ticker will be reset. No goal in mind this time around, just a means to keep track. It will probably be rest tomorrow since DH is playing in a paintball tournement, so I get to go yarn shopping, hopefully on him, but we'll see.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I was driving up the I5 and lookie what I found...

I know I know I haven't been posting, but this DU is so slow, I was going to wait until I got to a faster connection before taking pics of all my stash enhancements, a couple FO's and some general vacation pics and spread that out over a short period of posts.

But this was worth waiting for the DU connection to post.

I was driving up I5 today, about 45 minutes North of where I'm staying, half way to the Canadian boarder, well ok maybe 3/4ths the way. Anyway, I'm driving and look over, and what did I see on the side of the freeway:

Misty Ridge Alpaca Ranch to be exact.
A little blurb about Alpacas posted in front of these littles guys.

They must have thought I had food because they came right up to me, the little beggars.

This guy is in another paddock, he saw me coming from a bit aways because he was waiting when I got there.

This one was a little slower, must be all that fur slowing him down, but none of the others came up to say hi.

They have quite a few Alpaca and I wasn't even out looking for Alpaca, but I know where to find them now if you're ever up this way. I'm sure I'll be visiting them a few times once we're moved up there. The farm even sells their own fiber, both raw and in yarn form, of course I had to buy some, but you'll see that later when I post vacation yarn porn.

Monday, August 07, 2006

FO and stash acquisition

I arrived in Seattle safe and sound last Thursday night. Spent the night in Medford, sorry no pics, seems I forgot the memory card for my camera in the other computer, but a trip to Best Buy in Salem fixed that :).

I did detour to have lunch with my cousin in Vancouver WA, which turned into an 8 hour 2 meal detour. Her 4 yo daughter talked me into going to see her at her gymnastics class, and of course how was I to say no to my cousin when she wanted to go buy yarn, it was only Joann's but it's still yarn and I do try and encourage her when she gets a bug to crochet something, it's not often. I think I've even got her convinced to try her hand at knitting, we'll see how long that lasts.

Went to my 20 year HS reunion Friday and Saturday night, that was interesting, found some people I had lost and some that I wish were still lost, but c'est la vie. Had a blast none the less, sorry no pics.

FO FO FO....finally and FO.

Yarn: Koigu
Pattern: 2X2 rib, the wandering rib is from a pattern in Loop de Loop, for the tree bark sweater.
Model is my Mom.

Stash Aquisition:

Thank you to the lovely ladies in my PAS SnB group. The GC came in very handy, but I got carried away :) at Little Knits. It's not the store I thought it was. This one is in West Seattle. She only has Store hours on Saturday, the rest of the week it's by appointment. It's run out of a very cute little house, in the middle of a residential neighborhood, but it's zoned commercial/residential. She is just setting up her space, so it's not as organized as she would like it, but she is working on it.

The Damage:
3 skeins of Sea Silk colorway lily pond and 1 skein of Schaefer Yarns 100% cultivated silk - lace weight colorway Edith Piaf.

I have so far managed to go to Acorn Street yarns, that's the store i was thinking of that has the wonderful feel of an old book store, sorry again, no pics, forgot to bring the camera with me. I bought a Dale of Norway pattern there and a pattern for some beaded wrist warmers.

I did also check out The Weaving Works, lots of roving :), but more importantly books, lots and lots of books, I'm not sure i've ever seen that many books in a yarn store, there were 2 walls covered with books.

I went to Barnes and Noble this evening too and picked up the new issue of Vogue Knitting. Of course I had to check out their knitting book selection, and they too have a lot of books. I keep running into knitters here and not just in the yarn store. Wednesday night I'll go check out the Seattle SnB group.