Tuesday, February 28, 2006

final tally for the gold

I found my camera, and in the final photo shoot, I discovered I'd actually completed 1 more purse than I though I had.

I did actually learn something from this process. I can go for 16 days without casting on a new project, that's not likely to happen, since I am a yarn-aholic, but then I have to stay away from my LYS (Local Yarn Store) because if I buy yarn, it will, quite quickly after coming in the door end up on a needle. Now will I try this again, yes in all likelihood I would do it again. As for keeping up on my WIP's so I don't have to do it again, that's not likely to happen.

Final Results: 11 WIP/UFO's turned FO's

On the left is the Recycled Silk Pouch(started 6 months ago), in the center a felted Mobius purse(started a month ago) and on the right is a Pinwheel purse(started about 3 months ago).

This sweater/jacket was made from from a Colinette Love It kit (It's about time, I think this one was started over a year and a half ago).

I just love those buttons so I'm sharing them in a bit of a close up.

Here's a Summer Shardigan(started about a year ago, yes I realize it isn't summer, but that's right around the corner). A shardigan is a unique combination between a Shawl and a Cardigan. The Summer Shardigan is worn like a wrap but the shaping on one side (right) makes it hang like a cardigan on the right, and the shaping on the left hangs like a shawl.

Here's my Thelma kitty after getting shoo'd off the Summer Shardigan.

Here's Thelma coming back for more, she's a glutton for punishment.

and the Angelfire Shardigan, sans kitty, but she is still trying to help. She hasn't figured out that if I'm on the computer I'm usually busy. The shaping on this one is a little different from the Summer Shardigan, most noticeably is it has a sleeve. This one is also much larger and quite a bit warmer. This one was supposed to be done at the start of this winter, so it's not really that late, it's still cold enough to wear it in the morning and evenings.

Here's a shrug and so my arms don't get cold I whipped up a pair of elbow length fingerless mittens, hmmmm.. does this mean it's 2 projects off my plate? This one was started last July or August, so it's only about 6 months old.

The 2 scarves, both are really drop stitch, apparently I was dreaming when I though I finished a garter stitch scarf. I have no idea when these were started, I just stumbled upon them when I was organizing for the Knitting Olympic challenge.
Last, but certainly not least, a New Century Poncho/Pullover

Opps, I did forget one.

This is the Wee Willy Warmer that I made for DH for Valentine's Day. He loved it, he laughed about it for days. Now if I could only get him to try it on.

It could also double as a cell phone holder with a coin purse, if you don't mind the strange looks.

Monday, February 27, 2006

X-mas quilts done...Finally

So it's the end of February, but at least these quilts are finally done and gifted. The were almost on track, but then got sidetracked on a major detour. DH was helping me, by doing the hand binding, he was supposed to do all 3 quilts, but time finally caught up to us. These quilts found their home about a 2 and a half hour drive south of us, and we couldn't put the drive off any longer, hence the detour in my Knitting Olympic Challenge.

This group of quilts were destined to a father and his 2 daughters. All 3 quilts were made using the same black and white fabrics. The little color blocks are common to all 3 as well. The main color blocks are represented in all 3 quilts, as some of the smaller blocks. The boarders on the girls quilts have glow in the dark stars and moons.

This is the queen size quilt for dad.

This quilt went to the 6 yo.

This one went to the 10 yo.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Knitting Olympics draw to a close.

Ok, so I didn't officially join the Knitting Olympics. I did however, strive for a personal best. I made the decision to finish as many of my UFO's that I could during the course of the '06 Olympics, and not to cast on any new projects at the same time. For me finishing anything and not casting on something new is really an accomplishment.

So what I accomplish, here's a list, pictures are forthcoming as soon as I find the camera that seems to disappear everytime I need it. Please bear in mind, that my WIP/UFO busting knitting marathon did have a 2 day interuption, to finish 3 quilts that were well over due for Christmas, but that's another story, that will be posted with the pictures of the quilts, as soon as I can get those from DH.

- garter stitch scarf
- drop stitch scarf
- recycled silk pouch
- summer shardigan
(for the above, it's the little things...all those loose ends that I can never get around too)

- shrug with matching elbow length fingerless mittens
- mobius felted purse
- New Century Poncho/Pullover (too much i-cord, no wonder it never got finished)
- AngelFire shardigan
- Colinette Love It kit jacket
- Wee Willy Warmer (Valentines day present for DH).

Sent back to the frog pond because I didn't like where they were going (no wonder they never got finished)
- assymitrical poncho
- Sweater/jacket.

UFO's that have made some measurable progress:
- Building Blocks Shawl from Modular Knits
- Berocco suede triangle shawl
- wrap around sweater made from Debbi Bliss Aplaca silk.

WOW! That is quite The list. Next step is to inventory what's left in my UFO pile, most will take weeks, if not months to finish off, so we'll have to see what kind of strategy it will take to clear my UFO's. With luck, I may be able to clear that out by the end of the year, of course I'm merely refering to the existing UFO pile, not considering any additions to it, and I add quickly, since I'm great at starting projects and not so good at finishing them.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

WOW, I did it.

I'm not sure why I did it but it just felt like time to start a blog. We'll see how long it lasts. My blog will likely be a crafty blog, since I knit and quilt mainly, but I also crochet and tat. We'll see where it goes. It's likely to be boring for most, but maybe this is something i just need to do. We'll see what happens.