Saturday, January 13, 2007

An FO and something in the mail

Ok, so I'm being a bit on the lazy side here. Look what I've got, and FO and a new set of Denise needles from San Gabriel CA. Mehitabel bought this set of Denise needles a while back, but really didn't like them so she sent them up here. Good thing too, I was just thinking I need to get some more needles *wink*.

The FO is a bottom up Raglan, it didn't start that way, I just started knitting from the bottom following a Ball Band pattern that I had altered to knit in the round, then I decided that I didn't feel like doing any seaming, so I turned it into a raglan.

The Yarn: Bernat Solo (yes I'm aware it's acrylic, but I was stash busting)4 balls.
The Needles: Options #10 and #10.5
The Pattern: Didn't use one.
This was a very quick knit, I decided a week ago Thursday that someone who's been a great help to us in moving needed a sweater, she'll get it tonight, hopefully I'll get pics of her wearing it. Found this yarn in my stash as I was unpacking it and voila, 8 days later I have a sweater.

EDITED TO ADD: It's snowing, so this sweater is just in the nick of time for yet more snow.


Madge said...

Brrr...more snow?! Good thing you're cranking out the knitted sweaters lately!

Kudos for stashbusting, too. :)

mary said...

I have 3 balls of red Solo in my giveaway bag. Do you want it to whip up another sweater? ;) I'm with knitdevil... kudos on cranking out the sweater and for stashbusting.

mehitabel said...

Great job on the sweater--it was worth staying up all night to get it done! And I'm glad you like the needles... just a little bit of stash-busting on my part!