Sunday, April 30, 2006

I got my tote :)

I have finally reached the end of my quest for a moebius tote. Finished it Friday, but DH had the pic on his camera and just gave it to me tonight...finally.

i'm weaving in the ends on yet another FO, the Baby Bolero from One Skein. Pics of that tomorrow when I have better lighting.

Oh my car kidnapped me Friday and took me up to Solvang. My car didn't give me any notice and fogot to bring my camera, so i don't have any pics. I did tell my car that the next time she decided to do something like that to at least talk to my camera and give it a chance to come next time. I am in love with Solvang, it's a quaint little town. More on that tomorrow when I take pics of what came home with me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

almost forgot this FO

Opps I almost fogot to post this FO. Thank you Melise for reminding me. This was a special request from my DH, so I knitted it up for our Anniversary, he absolutely loves it.

I hate fringe, and I avoid it at all costs. But DH insisted that finge was called for in the pattern. Of course it wasn't, since the pattern came off the top of my head, and no where in my head does it read "fringe required". The things I do for DH. I did have help with the fringe. I brought the fringless afghan to Pasadena Evening SnB with me last week, and Melise and Marie helped me fringe it, thank you again ladies I owe you for the help.

Recipe for this afghan
Yarn: 8 balls Trendsetter Pandora
9 balls Trendsetter Omega
1 skien of Prism ribbon whose name eludes me.
Needles: US #19
Notions: Crochet hook and VCR box (I think I used the Little Mermaid, but choice of movies is optional)

Using Pandora, cast on 100 sts, knit until you run out of that ball of Pandora, *Change to Omega, knit until you run out of Omega, change back to Pandora and knit until you run out of Pandora, repeat from *

The fringe: wrap Prism around VCR box lengthwise, and snip, repeat for Pandora and Omega. Using crochet hook, add fringe using 1 strand Prism ribbon and 1Omega, alternating with 1 strand Prism Ribbon and 1 strand Pandora.

For the fringe, good company helps, and helpful company speeds up the process ever so much (thanks again ladies, I simply can not thank you both enough for the help, I so detest fringe)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Stash Enhancements

Spinning is really addicting, and I am addicted. Friday I went out and bought this.

Alpaca/Merino Wool/Tussah Silk (50/30/20)

50% Superfine Alpaca/50% Blue face Leicester Wool

DH and I had a wonderful time down in Encinitas. We took a stroll down the main section of Encinitis and ended up at The Blacksheep where DH bought me this:

5 skeins of Manos del Uruguay. He chose the colors, the marigold (3 skns) will be the main color with the green (2 skns) for accents on another cat bed since Louise had determined that the one I made is her's and will occasoinally share it with her sister, Thelma.

When we got home, look what I found on the door step, 10 oz of Llama:So much for my attempt to keep my roving stash in control, it looks like I'm sliding down that slippery path of a Roving stash.

Friday, April 14, 2006

a swatch, a swatch

Yes, my 2nd ever swatch. I've decided that swatching may be a good thing, I've been tempting the fates for a bit too long, I've only ever done one other swatch and that was only because I didn't have a pattern for the sweater I was knitting at that time.

So, in honor of my newly turned swatch leaf, I'm posting a swatch of none other than the Berroco Ultra Silk I found on my door step yesterday. My stitch gauge is right on, but the row gauge is a row off, but since the pattern follows measurements for the rows instead of a row count, it should be all good.

With no further ado:

DH and I are going away for the weekend, and there are 2 yarn shops fairly close to the hotel. DH, being the wonderful man that he is, and having a proper respect for my knitting/fiber addiction, has decided that he's going to take me on a mini shopping spree to the LYS. I'll post my new stash enhancements when we get back.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I love UPS....

I love UPS, especially when they drop off a box :). Here's what I got in my box today:

20 balls of Berroco Ultra Silk. I'm planning on knitting the Caftan Pull over from the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits.

Non Knitting Content
Well it's kind of non knitting content. I got laid off this week, so it's kind of knitting content because it will give me more time to knit. This really isn't a bad thing, it's more an opportunity. DH and I have been planning to move to Seattle early next year, this just steps up our plans. For now, I'll be working until 5/12, then I can start packing up all this yarn and sorting through who knows what we've collected since we moved to California almost 6 years ago. So instead of moving in a year, we are now trying to move sometime in the next 6 months.

But as I said, I'll now have plenty of knitting time, and even better yet, I'll actually be able to not only knit sweaters, but knit sweaters that will be worn this winter :).

Friday, April 07, 2006

Comment Response

From Mary
Congrats on completing your first skein of yarn from start to finish! I can't wait to fondle it and see it knit up. What do you have in mind for it?
Thank you Mary. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it, I have another half spool of spun from the same roving, so I'm going to see what kind of yardage I get from it, then decide where to go from there.

From Mercene (who is sadly blogless) are becoming a blog queen :-) Thelma kitty is a felt queen!
I am and always will be a much responsibility with the title queen. I like princess, all the benefits without the responsibilities *wink*.

Thlema does love that felt. There is a moebius basket gone awry that Thelma has turned into a toy/portable bed for when Louise has decided to be a hog and not share the felted kitty bed. I think Louise is more the queen, but occasionally let's Thelma think she is... Thelma knows better.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Camera found

Found the camera, then needed to find the memory stick. Found that in the computer, silly place for it, since I can't very well take pictures if it's in the computer. Camera decided to rebel further, I turned it on and off it went, repeated this process a few times....Oh yeah, batteries are a good thing for a digital camera.

Ok after all that Thelma decided to help with the pics of the purse that was supposed to be a tote.

Couldn't work my way around her so I'm posting with her "enjoying" her new toy. She really does love felt. I've discovered it doesn't matter where I put the cat bed she will find it. She's taken to attacking it before her naps.

Here's a pic of my Niddy Noddy that DH finished Sunday night, he is just wonderfully handy to have around.

So I got home from work and put the niddy to good use, it was quickly broken in with my first skein of yarn spun by my very own hands.

It's almost dry, so I threw it up on the swift to finish drying.

Ok, camera is in the top drawer of the night stand, memory card has been returned and it has fresh batteries. Hopefully I'll remember where I put it next time I need it, but posting it's location here should help, if it doesn't I'm sure the Other Marie (TC one) will remind me where it went *wink*

Monday, April 03, 2006 pics camera's hiding again.

I really need to do something about that camera, it likes to play hide and seek. I wish I could blame the kitties, but they don't like to play with the camera. It's just me throwing putting the camera down somewhere and not remembering where I last saw it. Did I mention, I'm not very organized.

DH finally put my niddy noddy together this weekend, and even stained it a nice natural color for me. This is good because I filled my first spool yesterday, and I'm dying to take it off the spool. So I have a date with the spool of spun yarn and the niddy noddy when I get home from work today :). If I can find the camera, hopefully with a memory stick in it, so I don't have to hunt that down too, I'll have pics of my first real hand spun yarn :).

For some reason Saturday, I felt the need to crochet, and not just anything, it was lace I was craving to do. So I hunted down my tiniest crochet needles, not an easy feat, they were hiding in the back of the bottom of a drawer that no one ever uses in my house. Searched high and low for crochet thread, found that in the bottom of a box in the back corner of a closet (it's been a while since I've wanted to find that) and started hooking away at of all things a doily. I'd love to say it's half done, 18 rows out of 32 done, but it's more like 1/3 if that, since the darned rows keep getting longer, every time I finish one. I don't even know what I'm going to do with a doily, all my ideas are going on where.
end table - don't have any
  • End table - we don't have any
  • Coffee table - see end table
  • Dining room table - we have one, but it's under a mountain of stuff, including yarn, fabric and 1 of my 2 sewing machines.
  • Night stand - I'd have to find that under the hill of stuff on there

I can just see myself walking around my house for hours once this doily is done trying to figure out where to put it. Maybe I'll just find someone who wants to adopt my doily.

Oh, I did felt yet another bag, still didn't turn out big enough to be a tote, back to the drawing board, this time, I'll throw more yarn at it and less hot water. This last one hung to the grown from my shoulder before I felted it. Yet another reason I need to find my camera.


  • I'm still working on the surprise present, at the rate I'm going it will be done on time *knock on wood*
  • Dad's shirt is not getting anywhere quickly, I think I may be time to take some drastic action and actually work only on it (nononono, I really didn't say that).
  • Tank top from the spring issue of IK.
  • Felted case for my Denise needle set
  • A wrap around shrug from Wrap Style, it's green in the book and called Green something, I can't remember the something, but it uses the honeycomb stitch and I'm doing it in lavender.