Monday, February 19, 2007

The thrill of an FO...the agony of ripping

First we have an FO :)

Pattern: Angora Magic Beret, Designed by Judy Russi, purchased as a kit in an LYS
Yarn: Heirloom Merino Magic Shade: 219 (Light Blue) Laines Fonty Coeur d'Angora Color 219 (light gray, almost white)
Needles: Denise #8

This is in "training" for a future project, which I am waiting for the yarn to come in to one of my LYS's, (it's been ordered so the dye lots match). There was one issue in the pattern, but it was easy enough to figure out, just one place where they had the same color listed in a 2 color row. This will go into my Christmas pile for next year, it will look great on my bro's GF next winter.

DH's sweater has come to this, a ball of yarn and it's back to the ribbing. I screwed up the pattern again, and this time it couldn't be fudged fixed. I forgot 4 rows in the cable crossings, yet I continued on, got up to 3/4's of the back done, then discovered there was no way I could get the pattern to fit DH, to keep going the way I was going would have put a cable crossing right at the shoulder, which is not what I want. So out came be baller, and the back was ripped. I did make one alteration in casting it on again, I'm going to knit the fron and back as one piece and split it for the sleeves. So far I have the ribbing done *sigh*

Yarny goodness has come off my spinning wheel, approximately 316 yards to be exact. I finished the cabled yarn. 2nd picture has a dime to show the gauge, I haven't checked the WPI's yet, but this should make a lovely scarf.

While DH's sweater was in time out waiting to get cast on again, the collar for Eris got cast on and finished. Next I'll be picking up the outside edge so I can start the body.

Oh I found out to day that one of my LYS's, Village Yarn and Tea, will be having a special guest this Friday night at their next Knit Knight. A local artist will be having a Trunk Show, and I do believe I will be there and most likely spending some more money, they're hosting Yarn Pirate's first trunk show.


mary said...

Ooh, I am so envious you'll be at Yarn Pirate's first trunk show. Buy without abandon in the spirit of our yarn crawls! The cap is adorable, and I know the next time will be a charm for DH's sweater.

Madge said...

Your handspun looks fantastic!

Sorry to hear about DH's sweater...but better to do it right, yadda yadda yadda...and fingers crossed this time those silly cables go where they're supposed to.

OMG, I'm sooo jealous you get to go to Georgia's trunk show at Village Yarn. Hope you have a blast!