Sunday, February 04, 2007


I was inspired by Sknitty to knit this. I saw it on her blog looking so wondeful on her, I just had to have it. I dug into my stash, and voila, I have Wicked. Yes I've been on a Stash Bustin' binge as of late, and I'm still going.

Pattern: Wicked by Rachel Iverson/Sara Johnson Available at: Zypher Style
Yarn: Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, Colorway Mountain Twilight
Needles: Options #7
Size: 40-43(for bust etc.) & 32-35 (Decreases for a shorter length, but even further modified)
Mods: Again, shorter in the torso, by about 2" to accommodate my petite stature, they don't make patterns in Size L Petite, so most of my knitting is modified in this manner.

Rumor has it Dim Sum Knitter has also cast on Wicked, so in a round about way, we were knitting together for a bit.


mehitabel said...

Wicked is wicked good! Love the colors, especially flattering on you. Way to go--that stash is going to need replenishment soon. Good thing you are now living in Fiber Central, huh?

Madge said...

Oh my, another gorgeous sweater...I bow to you, knitsister! Wicked is indeed wicked good, and looks beautiful on you. Great job with the mods.

mary said...

Yes, the rumor is confirmed. I have cast on and just starting the stockinette. Wicked looks awesome on you; so perfect. We went to the Unwind SuperBowl sale today and had a great time; wish you were there!

Sachi said...

Wow! Perfect colors! And I love the pooling on the bottom That's just awesome. (D'you think maybe I like purple a little?)

jillian said...

Looks fabulous! That color (love the purples!) is great on you. And way to stashbust!!

Annette said...

I love your Wicked! Another fab project to add to my list. You sure are churning out the FOs sister. It looks great on you. :)