Thursday, February 01, 2007

Project Spectrum Kick Off

Today is the first day of Project Spectrum II, and in honor of that one of my peg boards has changed colors to the blue white and gray of February/March.

I will be using these yarns in someting in the next 2 months, the 2 on the left are Cascade 220, and I'm thinking maybe they want to be the Mobius Knitting Bowl from Cat Bordhi's A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting, the lonely skein on the right is sock yarn and has all 3 colors in it, what a wonderful coincidence this was found in my stash.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did buy some Romney fleece and a pair of hand carders.
The hand carders are considered tools and not fiber so they are obviously not breaking my fiber fast, but the Romney fleece, well that's pushing a very fine line. See I just completed a class in Spinning at Weaving Works. And in that class we not only learned how to spin, but we learned about a fleece, what to look for in one, how to clean it, card it and spin it. Well, this fiber was purchased, not only because I wanted it, but because it was in the grease, which means I can take all the skills I just learned and further imbed them into my blond little head, so I'm more likely to retain what I have just learned. Therefore, since it's all in the interest of education, I'm not counting this fiber against my fiber fast, besides, it's only 4.75 oz and that's in the grease *wink*


mehitabel said...

Excellent job of rationalizing the purchases! But really not necessary. Tools is tools, and we all need tools to do the job. Then of course you had perfectly logical and acceptable reasons for buying fleece--why did you take the class, if not to learn? And you do need to reinforce the learning with more and more practice. So what if the net effect is more fiber in the stash?? It's all good!

mary said...

I love how the yarn color changes the decor of the room!

Madge said...

What a wonderful idea your peg boards are! I love how you're spotlighting Project Spectrum on one of them - very inspirational.

You've been really really good knitting from stash lately!