Saturday, February 24, 2007

Interview and carding

I had an interview yesterday for a contract position. I felt it went real well, so we'll see what happens. I'll know more about how it went from the hiring managers perspective on Monday or Tuesday. They want to make a quick decision and are looking to moving to the next step on the process rather quickly, so in the mean time I'm plugging away on DH's sweater and Eris, and I've cast on yet another pair of socks for the SAM3 KAL, I figure now is a good time to cast them on since March is right around the corner.

So while no new knitting pics,, I'll leave you with this. I discovered that I could take 2 colors of roving, while not exciting in and off themselves, not boring either:

I chose 2 shades of blue, partially because I had 2 1oz bats sitting in my stash doing nothing, and partially in honor of PS2.
tossed them on the carder, alternating shades and ....Voila, they mix to creat this lovely mix of colors. I'll spin these then ply them back on each other with light against dark at the start and let the spinning mix them to get a lovely barber pole effect, at least that's what i'm aiming for.


mary said...

Missed you at Stitches a whole bunch and talked about how much we missed you often. I love how you striped the blue roving. It's gonna look great.

Madge said...

About Stitches...we kept waiting for you to show up! Like - Marie will be here any minute... :) Missed you.

Fingers crossed for the job. And can't wait to see that roving spun up. Have fun at Yarn Pirate! Gotta snag yourself some of the limited Village colorway...and if she has Primrose for sale, would you pick me up a skein?