Monday, February 05, 2007

Another FO and I fell off the wagon

So here's a pair of socks... it's just that a pair of socks. They were knitted toe up 2 socks at a time on a Magic Loop.

Yarn: Regia Jacquard Color
Needles: Addi Turbo's #3

I'm not particularly pleased with this pair of socks, it was a love hate knit all the way. Now that they're done, I find that they are a bit large, ok way large, about 3 or 4 sizes to large for me. They may fit DH, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the socks. We'll have to see what happens with them, I'm sure they won't get frogged, since I'm fairly sure I won't knit anything else with the yarn, but where they will live remains to be determined.

I made the mistake of thinking I can go to a yarn store during Super Bowl and still be good, so off I went to Cultured Purls. It's a lovely little yarn store in Gilman Village. It's also where I bought the yarn for Rogue oh those many months ago. I opps'd and fell off the wagon, smack, right on my arse. Oh no, I didn't fall off small either, while there are only 8 balls in the picture, there really are 15 balls that came home with me. Cascade Yarns Cloud 9 (50% Merino Wool/50% Angora). This yarn is destined to be knit into Eris. I will most likely knit this up as a cardi.


Madge said...

If you're gonna fall, fall my mantra. (why do anything half arsed?)

OMG, you're going to do Eris? I'm totally cheering you on!

mehitabel said...

That will make a beautiful Eris! And the socks, well, chalk it up to one more learning experience. If DH doesn't love them, consider donating them to charity. There's bound to be a good home for them somewhere, even if it isn't under your roof!

mary said...

Hey, we shopped for yarn together, kind of, or maybe at the same time! Gotta post my Superbowl yarn sale finds. Eris is way cool.